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Blue Shimmer Aluminum Urn - Out of Stock

Blue Shimmer Aluminum Urn - Out of Stock

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Product Description

The Blue Shimmer Aluminum Urn is a modern and colorful memorial urn. The exterior of this urn features a metallic blue finish with shades of turquoise and teal as well as black.

This cremation urn gives families several options for a final resting place. Made of aluminum, the Blue Shimmer Aluminum Urn is made of a long-lasting metal that can be kept at home, placed in a columbarium, or buried in the ground (although cemeteries may require a separate urn vault). This urn opens at the top with a threaded lid. Threading keeps the lid closed securely.

With a capacity of 185 cubic inches, this urn is categorized as adult size.

Personalization of the Blue Shimmer Aluminum Urn can be achieved with an urn pendant. The urn pendant can be engraved with three lines of text (23 characters or less per line) and might include names, dates, or a short phrase such as Rest In Peace. The urn pendant is draped from the urn with a satin ribbon.

Standard Adult Urn
10" H x 6" Diameter
185 Cubic Inches
2.85 Lbs.
Threaded Lid
Engraving Options
Engraved Pendant

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