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Pink Jubilee Hand Blown Glass Urn

Pink Jubilee Hand Blown Glass Urn

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The Pink Jubilee Hand Blown Glass Urn features a soft pink base accented with swirls of darker pink, white, and pearl with gold shimmer. Made by a glassblowing artist, each Pink Jubilee Glass Urn is a one-of-a-kind tribute. When glass pigments, heat, and the artist's skills combine, the results are artful and unique.

The colors of each urn are created by rolling a ball of raw molten glass in pigment glass like you would roll an ice cream cone in sprinkles. Then the glass ball is super-heated with the pigment colors merging. Then the ball is blown with human breath and rolled into the urn shape. Upon cooling, the urn's final colors are revealed. 

The Pink Jubilee Hand Blown Glass Urn is crafted in a traditional urn shape with a fitted lid that is flat on the top. The capacity of this glass urn is 239 cubic inches (239 lbs. prior to cremation). As a handblown glass urn, the urn you receive may vary in size and shape (by a few inches) and have different color effects than the image displayed. Made in USA.

To personalize the Pink Jubilee Hand Blown Glass Urn, choose the Engraved Urn Pendant--available in four finishes, Bright Gold, Brushed Gold, Bright Silver, or Pewter. The staff will expertly engrave up to three lines of text- words of your choice (23 characters or less per line).
Standard Adult Urn
10.75" H x 8" Diameter
239 Cubic Inches
8.2 lbs.
Lid Rests on Top, Can Be Sealed with Adhesive if Desired.
Engraving Options
Engraved Urn Pendant

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